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What do you do in a Market Meltdown?

The market will stay squishy as long as the bond market is seized up.

The most important thing is to step back and try to think clearly. We are in uncharted territory as what is happening has no precedent. This is not a financial crisis, but fear is making it turn into one. Yes, consumption will be hurt as companies can either not supply goods and services or consumers slow down their purchasing out of fear.

This is a time where you either pick good stocks, like a Microsoft, or an index like the SPY or DIA, and put a little money to work

The market will stay squishy as long as the bond market is seized up. Today companies cannot issue debt, so they are drawing on their credit lines to hoard cash. This puts a strain on the banks, and until the government comes out and says they are behind the banks, we will continue working lower.

We're all losing money and concerned for our safety and our loved ones. Financially, this will pass, but recovery will not start until the bond market finds buyers

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