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A well-qualified retirement advisor will possess a set of skills that goes far beyond simple financial and retirement planning and the provision of basic investment advice.

Much in the same way as a financial planner, your retirement planner needs to understand your unique financial profile as well as your financial goals. Too many retirement advisors will simply look at a client’s financial situation and assets and go ahead and make decisions for the client assuming they know what’s best.

Here at Banyan Global Investment Advisors in Boca Raton, FL – we never assume we know what you want and need better than you do yourself. That’s why we work hard to be sure to consult with you at every critical decision making point before going forward.

In addition to this, like any high-quality financial advisor, we work to be certain that we have a full and clear understanding of the assets, resources, and investments such as pensions, part-time work, social security, and more all work together seamlessly to help you achieve the goals you have set out for yourself.

When you work with BGI Advisors on your retirement plan, you get advice on:

  • When to take your Social Security benefits and how best to do so

  • What pension choices are best for you

  • Which accounts to withdraw from, and in what amounts, to minimize retirement taxes

  • Whether or not an annuity is a suitable investment

  • What amount of retirement income you can expect to receive

Our staff is waiting to schedule your low-cost initial consultation, call us at (561) 847-3596.

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