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The goal of your wealth management advisor should be to build on your hard work, taking into account your unique needs and history to create a wealth of opportunities for you to grow your assets well into the foreseeable future and beyond.


Here at Banyan Global Investment Advisors in Boca Raton, FL, we do that by delivering our personalized touch to create a wealth management plan that is custom built to work specifically for you, your business, assets, and family for the long term.

Our custom wealth management services begin by consulting with you in person to lay out clearly all of your current and future options to create a robust and powerful portfolio. These services include;

  • Financial planning focused on your needs, history, and the available options to manage and protect your hard-earned wealth. Our wealth management solutions are comprehensive, integrated, and custom-built to suit your needs.


  • Educational planning to address the ongoing educational needs of your family, ensuring your children’s current and future educational needs are met fully, funded fully, and delivered in a meaningful way.

  • Retirement planning to ensure your retirement years are everything they should be while protecting the present and future needs of your family and your estate.

  • Special needs planning to provide for the care and the unique needs of children with special needs. Our Certified Financial Planner™ will guide you through the process of selecting the best plan for the future of your special needs children.


Here at BGI Advisors, our expert financial advisors and services are here for you, to help you create an ideal wealth management solution in your way, and in your time.

Let us set up the right plan for you, call us at (561) 847-3596.

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