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Let’s Talk About: Newspapers

Search out your information wisely and read!!

I’ve been thinking about this for years. Less and less of us read a newspaper. I walk my dog around the neighborhood and only 3 homes have a paper delivered compared to growing up in the 60s where almost every home had a paper delivered. Yes, a sad end to an era replaced by technology, but an opportunity for every investor.

A famous trader said to me many years ago that successful traders read. We started each day with the Wall Street Journal (typically scanning through center columns for news) and continued onto sections like Heard on the Street for market opinion. While there is plenty of news delivered quicker today and certainly plenty of opinion, reading the WSJ gave us a few minutes to delve into the author’s points which made us think more about our portfolios, and strategies. I think the time spent digesting an article gives you a leg up and a reference point that filters out the techno delivery of information today and the surrounding noise it creates

Markets move today on algorithms that use AI to read news feeds from blogs to twitter to many other types of digital media. This gives investors an advantage if they’ve digested the economic news and have formed a well thought out opinion of value.

I miss the days when a paper read commuting was folded into eighths (a skill set that is gone) to concentrate on an article What hasn’t changed is those managers traders and investors who read constantly have an advantage over any machine. Search out your information wisely and read!!

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