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Let’s Talk About: Financial Planning

We have a spend not save mentality.

One of the most noticeable things in my career is the lack of planning for my generation and the desire to be financially disciplined for my children’s generation.

We have a spend not save mentality and need to meet with a planner so the rest of our lives are spent without fear of running out of money. While our parents came out of WWII they were savers and paid down debt as quick as possible. They left us savings and some real estate that was appreciated and debt free. We live in a time where savings are sparse and many owe on their homes which over the last ten years in many locales has been a depreciating asset. The sooner the better, but never too late to get in financial shape

Our children have learned from our mistakes. They are more involved with their financial discipline and constantly ask us if they can or should do more. When we receive a deposit from a 25-35 year old it goes an extremely long way.

Either way talk to a planner and get into financial shape

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